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Children’s Dentistry: Establishing Good Oral Health At An Early Age

dentist Services Clarksville, TNHaving four children himself, Dr. Dave understands the importance of instilling good oral habits in kids at an early age. He is also aware of the struggles parents may face when trying to maintain these habits as they get older. Think of Dr. Dave as your partner in your child’s dental care. We encourage you to bring your child to our office when his or her first tooth appear but no later than his or her first birthday. During this first visit (which we call “Baby and Me” visit), your baby will get to know Dr. Dave and our team, to help put him or her at ease. We will examine your baby’s teeth and gums gently and thoroughly, as well as give you valuable tips on how to clean their mouth. Children's Dental Services Clarksville, TN. After the first visit, your child should visit Dr. Dave for routine dental checkups and cleanings every six months to prevent cavities and decay from forming. Dental exams are also important to monitor your child’s developing teeth and ensure they are growing in properly. If a problem is detected, we can address it promptly.

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Let Dr. Dave and our trusted team help you and your family enjoy healthier and brighter smiles. To schedule an appointment for your child or family member age 21 and younger, please contact our Clarksville, TN practice.

dentist Services Clarksville, TN


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