A simple tooth extraction is an in office procedure that can be completed by your child’s regular doctor, involving specialized tools to lift or pull the tooth from its socket. Teeth can be removed much easier than you might think. Teeth are held inside its bony socket by a set of elastic fibers, and your child’s dentist will use a set of specialized tools to gently manipulate the tooth, causing the fibers to loosen and ultimately disconnect. After the tooth is removed, the extraction site may be filled with bone grafting material to minimize shrinkage in the surrounding bone tissue. Teeth that haven’t yet erupted are removed surgically, sometimes with the patient under IV anesthesia to prevent discomfort and trauma.

Dental extractions are usually performed when teeth are too badly damaged to be saved, or when leaving a tooth in the mouth will cause more harm than good. There are four primary reasons why your child might need to have a tooth extracted.

-Tooth Decay
-Tooth Damage by injury or trauma
-Misalignment or Crowding


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